The dreaded query…

For any of you writers out there, you know how frustrating writing a query letter can be.  My first round of submissions (about a year ago) garnered a couple of partial requests but no fulls.  I’m polishing up the manuscript, especially the beginning, and hopefully will be submitting again by the end of the summer.  So….I’ve rewritten my query letter.  It has been a completely frustrating process but I think it’s finally getting somewhere.  I think what I have now will be much better than what I had before.

Last time I wrote a query, I posted it in the “Query Letter Hell” section on Absolute Write.  I had suggestions and it got to the point where it was ok, but it wasn’t great.  I’ve gone through this same process again, posting on Absolute Write, getting responses, and making changes accordingly.  I’m finally to the point where people are actually liking the query letter.  I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s at least garnering more positive than negative responese.  A huge improvement over last time.

Hopefully a year from now I’ve had success in getting published.  The query letter is a huge part of that, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


I know, I know, I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve been sending out queries — so far no good news, but I haven’t heard back from over half of the agents I’ve sent to.  I’m going to continue sending and hopefully one of those will love it.

I’m getting ready to work hard on my second book again.  I have some great scene ideas in mind that need to get on paper before I forget them.

Other than that, there isn’t much new going on.  Just keep your fingers crossed for me on the query front.

A few thoughts…

I know, I know, I haven’t posted for…well, for forever.  I’ve had a couple of reasons.  One, my kids are on year-round school and they’ve had the last three weeks off.  I just don’t get as much done when the kids are home all day, everyday.

Another reason I haven’t done much is because I’ve been on a school boundary change committee.  We have so many kids in my area (my kids attend an elementary school with an enrollment of 1224!!!), that they’re building a new school.  A group of parents are on a committee to decide where the boundaries of that new school should be.  It’s been hectic, and honestly, a bit ridiculous.  Sometimes I feel that there just aren’t enough logical thinking people in the world.  But…that’s not really that important to this blog.

Finally, and this is a good reason not to have done much, I’ve finished my query letter.  I’ve gone through dozens and dozens of drafts.  I’ve submitted on AW.  I’ve asked other authors to read it.  And I think I finally have a great version that not only gives all the pertinent details, but also sounds good.  Yeah!!!

For anyone interested, I’ve added a brief summary of my book.  It’s under the book tab, or listed on the side column on the left.

I’ll post more later, and sooner, next time.