“Twilight” Movie Review

I freely admit to loving the “Twilight” books.  I don’t think I’d quite qualify as “obsessed” (I don’t own any “Team Edward” or “Bite Me” t-shirts, and I didn’t go see the movie at midnight), but I’m definitely close.  Anyway, this weekend I went to see the movie and thought I’d give me opinions.

Overall — I liked it.  Bella was perfect.  Edward was good but not out of this world, but how could any Edward be perfect?  My main problem with him was that sometimes there seemed to be too much weird emotion going on.  Now I don’t know if that’s an acting issue or a directing issue.  Don’t interpret this wrong, though.  I enjoyed watching and would definitely watch it again.

I did like how it really stuck to the book.  Some things were left out, some things were added, but the idea was the same.  I didn’t come away thinking:  “That’s not the book I read.”

As I sat there watching it, I did have one thought over and over.  I’d watch a scene that had problems and, as a writer, I’d realize that part of my problem with it was the lines the characters were given.  You can only do so much with the screenplay.  So, then I wondered if part of what I didn’t like with Edward was just a screenplay issue.  I really don’t know enough about movie making to know if it was acting, screenplay, or directing.

My final analysis is regarding the cheese factor.  There definitely was one.  Not that it was unexpected.  Heck, the book is written for teenage girls.  The storyline is about a vampire romance.  It’s going to have its cheesy elements.  My problem wasn’t that kind of cheese.  My problem was that there were some moments so cheesy that I laughed out loud — and I don’t think that was the intention.  And that brings me back to the screenplay thing.  How much of that could have been de-cheesed (is that even a word?).

All of this leads me to consider books made into movies in general.  Having read a lot of books made into movies, I have to admit that sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.  I loved “Lord of the Rings.”  Of course, Peter Jackson had nine hours to do it justice.  I’ve also loved the Harry Potter movies.  I know some people have complained about details left out, and I’ve felt the same about a few myself, but still, the movies portray the overall emotion of the books so well that I can’t complain.  When “The Firm” was made into a movie, I actually liked the ending in the movie better.  Go figure. 

And then there’s “Eragon.”  I liked the book a lot.  I liked the story and characters.  I didn’t like the movie.  And it wasn’t the casting.  I liked the casting (except for Saphira, which might not have been casting, but how the whole talking to the dragon was portrayed).  I especially liked Brom.  Perfect.  BUT…and as you can see, it’s a bit but, the story wasn’t even the same.  If you hadn’t read the book, it might have been all right.  But if you liked the book, you knew it was almost a different plot.  Why take a perfectly good story and change it?

Well, that’s my rant about movies for the day.  Tell me how you felt about the “Twilgiht” movie if you saw it.  I know other people who have hated it and people who have absolutely loved it.