“A Conspiracy of Kings” — Book Review

So I finally got a copy of “A Conspiracy of Kings,” the latest book in Megan Whalen Turner’s “Thief” series.  For any of you who have been here before, you know I love this series.  There’s just something about it. 

Each of the books is written from a different perspective, this one from that of Sounis.  This worked for me because he was a character from the first book who I liked but who we really didn’t know a lot about.  And although Gen is by far my favorite character (one of my favorites ever), there was enough of him in the book that I still felt he was an integral part to the larger story.

While “The King of Attolia” is still my favorite of the series, this one was definitely worth reading.  I’m even hoping Turner writes more of the world of Attolia.

Book Review: “The Thief,” “The Queen of Attolia,” and “The King of Attolia,” by Megan Whalen Turner

I know, I know, another book review.  I’ve been enjoying myself lately by reading a lot of books, and these three were ones I really enjoyed.  You know when you finish a book or a series and you can’t stop thinking about the characters?  Well, that’s how this was for me.

The first book (a Newberry Honor book) is about Eugenides, a thief.  It starts with him in prison and where it ends is actually quite surprising and unexpected — and therefore great.  The second book is about Eugenides’ role in a war going on between his kingdom and the neighboring kingdom of Attolia.  I don’t want to say too much more for fear of ruining it for someone.

The last book, and probably my favorite, was really the one that left me thinking about the characters, their motivations, their fears, and their humanity.  It was really good, mixing political intrigue, war, and romance.  The characters acted because of who they were and not becasue Turner wanted a particular result.  Sometimes you wanted to hit them and tell them to get real, suck up, and do what they know they should.  Sometimes you hurt right along with them.  Either way, it was a good book.

Because of the way the third book ends, I assume there is going to be a fourth, and I can’t wait to read that one!