What book haven’t you read?

A few days ago Nathan Bransford did a post asking what book are you embarrassed not to have read.  The answers varied from Shakespeare, to Austen, to Lord of the Rings (which Nathan himself has never read!!!).  I didn’t post a comment over there, but it kind of got me thinking.  I’ve come to the conlcusion that there are lots of things I should have read, or should read in the future, particularly the classics.  I read a ton of them in high school and even more in college, where I minored in English.  Since then, I don’t think I’ve read one.  I heartily admit that now I read entirely for fun and entertainment.  I know, I know, think of all the great literature.  BUT, now I have three kids, a house, homework to help with, dinner, laundry, you know…and I need to read for fun.  It’s one of my only breaks.  So, while those classics will always be out there, let’s face it, I probably won’t read a ton of them.

What makes it all worth it…

During this incredibly long, learning process, there are a few reasons to keep plugging away at it (besides hoping that you’re one of the thousands of new authors who actually gets published).  One of them is hearing friends read my book and love it.  The other is letting complete strangers read it and love it.

You all know my beta readers have been plugging through, giving critiques.  I have one beta reader in particular who also shows me things she especially likes.  When I come across ones I am particularly excited about, I’ll share them.  Also, quotes that I love or that others have loved I’m going to start posting on the “Quotes” page either under “My Book” or in the column on the left.

Here’s the first:  “By the end, he was convinced of her conceit; she was convinced she’d left a favorable impression.  Only one of them was correct.”

Here’s my beta’s comment:  “Nice line.  Very Austen.  Very Austen, in fact.”

My thought:  You can compare me to Austen any day!!!