For anyone who doesn’t already know…Georgette Heyer is awesome!!!

So in the past few weeks I’ve run across a number of peole who have never heard of Georgette Heyer. In my mind, that is almost criminal. I started reading her books when I was in high school. My mom gave them to me because she’d read them in high school. And they are fantastic.

Ms. Heyer has been compared to Jane Austen. And I totally agree, only I think she’s even better. Ms. Austen has fabulous stories about complex characters. But oftentimes they also have a societal slant to them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Austen. What makes me like Heyer even more is that her stories are just plain fun. Her characters are fabulous; some of the books are so funny I laugh out loud; and she just plain writes a great historical romance.

So for anyone who hasn’t read her or even heard of her, here’s a list of my favorites:

Venetia (who doesn’t love a good rake!)
Arabella (just plain funny)
Devil’s Cub (best if read after These Old Shades and The Black Moth — they have the same characters in them, although Heyer changed
their names after These Old Shades)
Faro’s Daughter
Regency Buck (my mom’s favorite, it even has a little mystery)
The Grand Sophy (very strong female character)
The Nonesuch

Try one and tell me what you think!