Blackberry frustrations…

I have a Blackberry Pearl.  I love it.  It’s red (my favorite color), and I like the big screen, the calender, the little scrolly thingy (you know).  But now I am frustrated.  My little scrolly thingy (what is it really called?) doesn’t always work right.  It gets stuck and at any given time won’t go up or right or left…  I’m kind of getting sick of it.  So far, I’ve still been able to use it all right, but sometimes I have to let it sit for a while before I try again.

I went online and found someone who told me how to take the ball out and clean it, but it didn’t seem to work well enough.  I might just have to break down and buy a new ball or something.  Who knows?

On another note, my editing is going well, but slowly right at this moment.  The two chapters I’ve been working on are tough ones because I need to get the characterizations and world just right.  If I don’t, it’s not set up well for the rest of the book.  Anyway, I’ve done one of the chapters.  When I’m done with the next one I’ll be super excited.  After that the changes to be made are more routine, and a lot easier.