Why you still have to cut your favorite parts…

So, I’m revising part of my latest book.  I’m trying to delve deeper into the characters and their world without giving a bunch of backstory or too many details.  I don’t want it to get boring.  I don’t want to lose my readers. 

However, in that process, I have to cut passages I LOVE.  This go around, one in particular is causing me grief.  And yet, it doesn’t feel right where it is.  The story flows better without it.  Although, I’m still trying to find somewhere to put it.  We’ll see…

Anyway, I loved this particular passage so much I thought it needed to be printed somewhere, so here it is for your reading pleasure — or not.  🙂

“Only a hardness around his eyes and an edge to his voice gave any indication to the depth of Philip’s emotion.  Maren felt a chill pierce her.  She wasn’t sure what scared her most:  the intensity of the hatred she sensed from Philip, or the other feelings she knew he’d buried beneath his too-calm exterior.”

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