I’m finally done!!!

I’ve spent the last week getting my query ready.  It is possibly one of the most terrible parts of writing.  I do feel pretty good about the query I ended up with, however.  I think, after a year of trying, that I finally grasped the idea of a query.  Before I was trying to hard to put in interesting plot points and side notes, instead of just focusing on Ethan’s story, why it’s unique, and what makes him do what he does.  Hopefully it will work.

Along the same lines, I sent out my first 8 queries yesterday and I’ve already gotten two rejections.  Oh well.  That’s just the name of the game.  You can’t let it get you down.  Every book isn’t for everyone.  You have to find the agent who loves your book as much as you do.  I’m hoping with all the time, effort, writing partners, and beta readers that I’ll be able to do that.

4 thoughts on “I’m finally done!!!

  1. Something that was talked about on another blog I subscribe to was the idea of commenting on a possible agent’s blog or following their twitter – get to know them a bit and in doing so give yourself a better chance at having an “in”.

    Good luck!!


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