10 Things About Me…

I’ve had a couple of writer/blogger friends who have done this and I got tagged…so here goes.

1.  I have a wonderful husband who I’ve known for 16 years and been married to for 13.  We have four beautiful children, two boys, and two girls.

2.  I majored in History with a minor in English.  Then I went to law school.  I actually passed the bar!!! 🙂  But, my oldest daughter was born premature during my third year and I wanted to stay at home with her, so after the bar exam I have never worked (at least in the legal field:)).

3.  During college I was on the Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Team.  This was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done.  I got to tour the Western United States, England, Finland, Russia, Lativia, Lithuania, and Estonia.  Becasue I’m so short (5’1″) I was on the Latin team.  Our greatest accomplishment was winning the British Formation Championships in Blackpool, England in 1998.

4.  During college I also spent a summer in Israel and Egypt.  Talk about amazing!

5.  Other things I love to do:  play the piano, read (obviously), sing, watch movies, and eat chocolate.

6.  Until a few years ago, my kids had 13 grandparents that were still living.  (The reason it’s not twelve is because my maternal grandparents got divorced when I was one and my grandfather remarried an amazing woman who I get as a bonus grandma!!).

7.  I’m the oldest of six kids.  My husband is the middle child of seven.  We have huge families and it’s a lot of fun.

8.  I totally drive a mini van.

9.  I love Disney.  I have been to Disneyland too many times to count.  And even though I live in the west, I’ve been to Disneyworld ten times.  We just got back from a trip to Disneyland in October with the kids.  It was so fun.

10.  It’s always been my dream to write a book.  Hopefully it’s about to come true.

7 thoughts on “10 Things About Me…

  1. Loved reading this, even though I already knew these things! I just love you to death and can’t wait to see you in less than a week!! yay!


  2. No wonder you have so many dancing scenes in your book! And here I thought it was just because it was the trope. I love Disney too – I’ve been to Disneyworld about 6 times, Disneyland once. We’ve been meaning to take the kids soon, just waiting for the youngest to get a little bigger so he’ll remember it.

    I hate my minivan – I can’t see very well and since I have a stigmatism I feel like I’m going to hit something. Actually I did once, oops. 🙂

    Fabulous post – so nice to hear more about you!


  3. Wow, Shari…what an interesting life you have had! Passed the bar exam, hey? I’m impressed, but not surprised. I can see through your writing what an intelligent woman you are. And a ballroom dancer? Super cool. Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? It one of me and dh’s favorite shows!

    And hey, I TOTALLY drive and LOVE my minivan. MINIVAN MOMS UNITE! 🙂

    BTW, have I told you lately how much I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE your book? I so heart Ethan. And will be first on line to buy a copy when it comes out 🙂


  4. Yes, Melanie, I do watch So You Think You Can Dance. It’s one of my very very favorites. The dancing is fantastic. And it’s funny because there’s always one or two ballroom choreographers who I’ve worked with in one way or another before. It’s a small world.

    And you won’t have to buy a copy. I’ll just give you one — as long as you totally tell everyone else you know to buy one. :)_


  5. Nope, I will support your career and buy a copy. I read on an agents blog that you shouldn’t give away all your ARCs. That your family and friends should be buying them to support you and that the ARCs should be used for promotions and other means of publicity. I think it’s a smart idea and I would be more than happy to spend money on your book. I do however want it signed hahahaha 🙂


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