Book Review (kind of): “Graceling” and “Fire” by Kristin Cashore

For those of you who haven’t read these books yet, you should.  Even if you don’t like the traditional medieval-feeling fantasy.  I’m not going to do a big detailed review here, but I did love these books.  They are especially good if you like strong female characters.  Keep in mind, however, as one of my beta readers pointed out, that they both take a little while to get into.  There is a lot  of set up.  I, personally, didn’t find that a problem.  But I love this kind of book, and I am used to how they are written (there is a certain amount of set up and world building).  I also love that there is a good deal of romance involved.  In my mind, any book without a good romance isn’t as fun to read.  But that might just be me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Book Review (kind of): “Graceling” and “Fire” by Kristin Cashore

  1. Hey Shari,

    Been waiting for you to post something I can comment on. I reading Mockingjay now, so I have been avoiding anything with the word attached. However, I did just finished Graceling and I loved it! I want to get Fire next. I read the first chapter (or was it a prologue) for the next book fire and I’m very excited to see that story and learn all about Leck.


  2. Hi Shari. I’m wondering which one you liked best. I’ve read Graceling, but haven’t read Fire. I’ll probably wait for the paperback. But I was just curious. I read a bunch of reviews of Fire and some people say they like Graceling better (this also seemed to be the consensus on AW) but then on Amazon, people were saying they liked Fire better. Just wondering which side you were on.


  3. I LOVED Graceling. I completely fell in love with that book. I loved the way the world was set up and the way the author described it. And I also love mideval eras.
    And I also loved the romance between Katsa and Po, and the way their relationship developed. I could just picture this unbreakable bond of love between them.
    I also read Fire. It’s a good book, but I preferred Graceling, partly because of the romance part and the plot. Fire is a good and exciting book as well, and gives us more background on the history of the setting and character in Graceling.
    The main characters in both of the books are almost the opposite. Read ’em and You’ll find out why(;
    Although both of them were trully beautiful books, I’ve got to say my first love was Graceling<3


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