For anyone who doesn’t already know…Georgette Heyer is awesome!!!

So in the past few weeks I’ve run across a number of peole who have never heard of Georgette Heyer. In my mind, that is almost criminal. I started reading her books when I was in high school. My mom gave them to me because she’d read them in high school. And they are fantastic.

Ms. Heyer has been compared to Jane Austen. And I totally agree, only I think she’s even better. Ms. Austen has fabulous stories about complex characters. But oftentimes they also have a societal slant to them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Austen. What makes me like Heyer even more is that her stories are just plain fun. Her characters are fabulous; some of the books are so funny I laugh out loud; and she just plain writes a great historical romance.

So for anyone who hasn’t read her or even heard of her, here’s a list of my favorites:

Venetia (who doesn’t love a good rake!)
Arabella (just plain funny)
Devil’s Cub (best if read after These Old Shades and The Black Moth — they have the same characters in them, although Heyer changed
their names after These Old Shades)
Faro’s Daughter
Regency Buck (my mom’s favorite, it even has a little mystery)
The Grand Sophy (very strong female character)
The Nonesuch

Try one and tell me what you think!

5 thoughts on “For anyone who doesn’t already know…Georgette Heyer is awesome!!!

  1. Heyer is one of those authors that I have always wanted to read but never have. You post made me want to put every book I am reading down and pick up my pile of Heyers. I wish I could! Awesome post 🙂



  2. Ok, I’m one of those people who will say that she’s never heard of her, but I’ll be sure to check her out next time I’m at the bookstore. I always love getting new author recommendations. Thanks. 🙂


  3. Oh about not reading any Heyer- guilty as charged!
    But I’ll fix that problem right away, I’ll go get a copy of one of her books tomorrow and read it as soon as I can! I’m an obsessed Austen fan so I think I’ll fall in love with Heyer’s books 🙂


  4. Libraries are a good place to look for these. Heyer died in 1974, I think. There are usually one or two titles in book stores from whoever has recently decided to publish five or six or them, but it’s rare to find all of them in a book store (in fact unheard of). And if I had to pick one, I think “Venetia” is a very very good place to start.


  5. I’ve read many of Heyer’s works. My favorite would have to be The Devil’s Cub. However, I’m the devil’s advocate here. Ms. Heyer has gradually fallen out of my good opinion as I discussed with this Regency Era historian about this author. This acquaintance of mine always brought forth the fact that Heyer’s heroes tend to be very coy and 2-D. I began reading the book with this criticism in mind and….found it to be somewhat true.

    Heyer’s work is great fun to read. But rarely do I find much depth behind her witty dialogues and such. So, in this regard, Austen is naturally the superior.

    But in terms of entertainment, I would obviously say Heyer is the best.


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