Writing Sample #?

Ethan turned the heavy, iron key in the lock and stepped into the tower room.  It didn’t look much different than it had a few weeks before.  And it was still as overwhelming.  What normally would have taken up a large portion of a decent-sized library was basically thrown into a room not much bigger than a closet.  And from what he’d been able to tell, without any order or reason.  Books were strewn everywhere, some piled, most haphazardly shoved into the nearest corner.  Forced into any remaining space, cracked, rolled parchments stuck out at odd angles, and loose papers littered the room as if the wind had picked them up, only to abandon them a moment later.  To make matters worse, everything was covered in a thick layer of dust.  The smallest movement sent it flying, saturating the air, and catching the light that streamed through the two small windows.

3 thoughts on “Writing Sample #?

  1. Nice!

    I must say, though, that I didn’t care for the two sentences in such close proximate both starting with the word “And”. I understand, that in modern writing styles, there is no real rule against it, but I fear that if you did it twice in this small except… how much do you do it throughout the manuscript?

    These types of things are typically done for “Style and Impact” and it will quickly lose that effect if it is not done sparingly.

    It’s kinda like the guy who started the baggy pants around his thighs trend. It *might* have seemed unique and cool at the time but once it started showing up everywhere… it just looks stupid.

    Absolutely use these types of writing methods when you really need a sentence to stand out and be noticed. But, when in doubt, stick with “old-school” rules. You can’t go wrong that way.


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