It’s Done!!!!!!! (Do you think that’s enough exclamation points?)

I just finished editing my entire manuscript.  This final edit was a little tedious because I was looking for too many adverbs and adjectives, or words that I repeated way too much.  But it was worth it.  Now I’m looking for beta readers who haven’t ever read it before.  I want new eyes.  I want someone who can tell me if everything makes sense now that all the changes have been made.  I’ve had a few offers from people on Absolute Write, so I’m feeling pretty good right now.

I’m also going to get some people to read it who aren’t writers.  I want opinions from regular readers.  I want to know if they like it and would buy it or recommend it to a friend.

Hopefully, I’ll have heard back from all the readers by the middle to end of August.  I’ll read all their comments and then make the necessary changes.  Then I’d like to let the manuscript sit for a few weeks.  In that time, I’ll polish up the query and try to get a synopsis ready to go.  And then…(drum roll), I’ll read it one more time and start sending out queries.

It’s a lot of work but I’m more hopeful than ever.

9 thoughts on “It’s Done!!!!!!! (Do you think that’s enough exclamation points?)

  1. Squeeee! Good luck! Thanks for sharing your progress with us! If you visit my blog, in my blogroll there’s site called Let The Words Flow. that blog has a CP (critique partner) page where people can post up requests for such-and-such a parnter and ppl interested would then contact you


  2. Good for you- Congratulations!!! I know it’s very hard work but like you said- it’s worth it. I would also recommend Let The Words Flow as June mentioned- it’s a great blog 🙂 Good luck & keep us posted !


  3. Hey Shari, Congrats on finishing your manuscript. I will read it if you send it to me or tell me how to find it. I haven’t read any of the script yet. And I have been reading like crazy this summer. You are awesome!


  4. Congrats, Shari! The hardest part (I think) is letting the manuscript sit and ferment for a bit–I just want to run back to it and peek!
    I look forward to updates on your revision and query process!


  5. Congratulations!!

    A word of caution though: Trust yourself.

    The range of opinions of “test-readers” is a mixed bag. Often it is merely the writer’s need for affirmation of accomplishment and little about identifying problems with the manuscript. BEFORE sending your work out to test readers, please remind yourself of the following:

    1) *You* are a professional
    2) *You* have done your homework
    3) *You* have spent years studying, discussing, and learning the ins and outs and art of story telling.
    4) *You* have spent years exploring every facet of your story; you have written and rewritten it many times and it has evolved into its current state for a reason.
    5) Remind yourself, that almost any suggestion that your “test-reader” makes is something that you have already explored at some point in the past and rejected. You might not even remember why you decided to leave that “love-scene” out that someone is now recommending… but you did decided that… and you decided it for a reason.



    1. Thanks Ken! And I totally agree. I take every suggestion and think it over. I never just do something someone else suggests. There are too many opinions out there, and too many styles. Almost more than anything else, I just like to get people’s feel of the manuscript. And to see if there are any huge gaping holes.


  6. I want to read the story. I love to read. especially adventure books. Julia said: good job mom. can you read it to me or I can try reading it my self. love julia,
    I did not want to say love so i am going to just say I want to read the book. I will see you outside almost every day. : )
    from ashlyn and julia.


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