Writing Sample #2…and 3

As I’ve been editing everything, I’ve come across a few places I really like.  I’ll share them as I find them.  Today I have two.

She wasn’t exactly beautiful, but the tiniest hint of a smile hovered about her lips, only emphasizing the intelligence in a pair of striking, green eyes that dominated her face.  Her chestnut hair fell smoothly down her back, the only ornamentation a single ribbon woven around her head.  She had a nice voice, not one of the fake society voices ladies adopted when they were flirting.  And unlike the silly girls who giggled and could barely get a coherent word out, Sophia was never intimidated.  He found it completely refreshing. 

And another…

Ethan knew the Guard, especially Cadoc, usually did do whatever it took.  Their fanatical devotion to the regent led to hideous atrocities — all in the name of the law.  He’d seen the charred remains of farmhouses, their stone chimneys standing desolate amidst once lush fields.  He’d heard of men nearly beaten to death, children forced to work off their parents’ debts, women made to…he shuddered — they might have preferred death.

Hope you liked!!

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