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So…I’ve been reading a lot of other writer blogs lately and one thing so many of them do is post small excerpts from their work in progress.  I thought I’d do the same.  I’m trying not to put anything out there that would give away the portions of my story that I think are better discovered within the actual pages, but I do have some short sections that I love, either for the imagery or the emotional nature of the piece.  I’d love to know what you think.

Ethan read the same sentence for the fourth time.  It was pointless; he couldn’t concentrate.  He rubbed his eyes and looked up.  The library was one of his favorite rooms in the castle.  It was a perfect combination of functionality and beauty.  Three of the four walls jutted out from the northern side of the main castle.  Stacks of bookshelves alternated with tall narrow windows, giving a landscape view overlooking the sheer cliff on which the room was built.  It had become somewhere Ethan could find peace and quiet, a place to think.  It was the one place he could be completely alone, where he could escape the suffocating atmosphere of the rest of the castle, and society. 

3 thoughts on “Writing sample…

  1. Oh! Great snippet! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love how I felt like I was right inside that library. You’ve captured well the mood I, for one, would feel when in such a library…


  2. Loved the excerpt- I felt a connection with Ethan ( I do share his feelings towards libraries) and I also agree with June, you’ve captured the mood very well 🙂


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