Some scenes are better than others…

OK, so the title of this blog isn’t completely accurate.  Some scenes are more fun to read (and write) than others.  For me, that’s because those are the scenes where something happens that changes the main character in some way.  Maybe it’s when the mc has a realization.  Maybe it’s when the course of their life changes.  Maybe it’s when they fall in love.  You get the idea.  All books have those scenes where the mc makes decisions, changes course, or matures.  I love those scenes.  They are the ones that make me want to read on.

And then there are all the other scenes.  They are just as important to the entire book.  Without those, the mc would go from “I hate all women” to “I’m in love” without any explanation.  How they got there and all the little details that played a part are important. 

Why am I writing about this today?  Because the first kinds of scene are the ones I have entirely mapped out in my head before I even type one word.  I know where the characters want to go and I get them there.  I see the momentous changes, I know what I want to happen, I know how I want the characters to react.  These scenes are the easiest for me to write.

The second kind of scene is much more difficult.  Every scene still needs to move the story forward, while at the same time developing character, conflict, and buildup.  Sometimes this is so hard.  Especially if you want the story to be believable and not contrived.  Getting the reluctant hero in the story to step up involves a lot of little things.  Those things need to be interesting.  They’re also the scenes where I tend to get writers’ block and slow down, procrastinating over and over again.

Anyone else have the same problem?

3 thoughts on “Some scenes are better than others…

  1. I agree with you %100- the first kind of scenes are much more fun to write but without the second kind the story wouldn’t make much sense… And those little details, those scenes which serve as a bridge are much harder to write.


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’m currently stuck on just one of those scenes. I’d written it one way and now I think it needs more. I’m letting it marinate in my brain for a bit to see if I get any better ideas.


  2. Oh.Em.Gee. i know exactly what you mean! I’m working on my second book right now and am learning from the start how to structure a novel (after three years of working on one book, you forget how to start the next one from scratch). I have these milestone scenes/chapters that I’m always looking forward to–the ones with high drama and emotions. And then there are those linking, in-between scenes that I’m not thrilled to write, but must write for the sake of development and pacing. And I need to enjoy writing it. This is a truth I believe in. if I don’t enjoy writing a certain chapter I will rewrite it again and again until I’m satisfied with it. if I don’t enjoy writing something my indifference shows through.


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