I made a decision a few weeks ago to rewrite the first section of my book.  I took it from 80 pages to 50 pages.  I’m really excited about it and think it’s tons better.

Along those lines, I was reading a blog the other day, and I can’t even remember where, and the author was answering the question “What do you do when you get stuck, or what you put out there is horrible, or you just can’t find the right image or words?”  Her answer was that she writes something, terrible or not, and then moves on.  Later, after a break, she goes back and fixes those moments where things just didn’t fall into place.

I found myself doing exactly that as I rewrote this first section.  There are parts that are so rough I probably wouldn’t even want to let someone read them.  There are other parts that I probably won’t change a bit (inspiration does actually come sometimes).  I’m going to let them sit for a week or so and then revisit the rough patches and see what needs to be done with them.  Sometimes when somethings sits in my brain for a while, the right answer just comes — I decide on the right image or words.  We’ll see.  My goal is to submit this at the end of the summer or early fall.  Here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Progress…finally!

  1. That’s a good bit of weeding you’ve done. Tightening certainly does do a story wonders (usually), and if nothing else, it can relight the fire of motivation which it seems to have done for you. Go get em!


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