Finally, I can get back to work on book 2…

I’ve spent most of the past few months editing my manuscript for my first book.  It’s been long, but it’s also been good because so much of what I changed is a lot better.  There are scenes I just love.

During all of that revision, I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to write in book 2.  I have various scenes just floating around in my head that need to get on paper.  Sometimes I’ve stopped to write a few notes so I wouldn’t forget, but I haven’t written a lot of what I know is going to happen.  Now, I can do that.  I could have done some of it all along, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around two books at the same time. 

So my goal is to have the first draft of book 2 done by the end of April (which is when I am having a baby).  I think it’s completely manageable, especially since I already have about 1/3 of it written.

One last piece of news (at least I think so) is that I’ve had an idea for another book — completely separate from the trilogy I’m working on.  I like the basic premise, so I’ll have to see where it leads.

6 thoughts on “Finally, I can get back to work on book 2…

  1. Brilliant site.

    Will tell you about my book soon.

    My name is Samson Dada, 17 years old, the Youth Community Correspondent for the North and East Manchester Advertiser and member of Cleland Thom’s premier gold standard mentoring scheme.

    Check out my website:


  2. It was probably the right thing, working on only one at a time. Trying to do several at once always seems to result in all of them being patchy.


  3. I look forward to reading the final product! I love the map that you have on your website that shows where people have visited your site from. Pretty cool. Keep up the good work.


  4. Hello, I just found your site. It’s nice to see another YA fantasy hopeful.

    I saw a post you made a while ago asking for lists of agent, but I’m commenting here because I thought you might not see that comment. Recently I wasted a morning I should have spent working on my book making a rough list of agents, and I would be happy to share. These are agents who mentioned both YA and fantasy at least, but don’t take my word for it, please Google them yourself. I’m sure I made a mistake or two.

    Rachel Vater @ Folio
    1 person @ Trident Media Group
    Shana Cohen @ Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency
    Andrea Somberg @ Harvey Klinger
    Miriam Kriss @ Irene Goodman
    Christi Cardenas @ Plains Agency
    1 Person @ Writer’s House
    1 Person @ Stringer Literary
    Irene Krass
    1 person @ Laura Dail Literary Agency
    Kirsten Wolf @ Wolf Literary
    Rachel Dowen @ Talcott Notch Literary Services
    Laurie McLean
    Laura Bradford @ Bradford Literary Agency
    Diana Fox @ Fox Literary
    Colleen Lindsay @ Fineprint – or Joanna Stampfel?
    1 person at Prospect Agency
    1 person at Kt Literary
    1 person at Wolfson Literary
    1 person at East West Agency
    Michael Bourret or Jim McCarthy at Dystel and Goderich
    Elaine Spencer or Lucienne Driver at Knight Agency
    Ginger Clark
    1 Person at Caren Johnson Literary Agency -Rachel Downes?
    1 Person at Firebrand Agency – Michael Stearns?
    Jenny Rappaport
    Jennifer Jackson
    Kristin Nelson
    Sarah Davies
    Nathan Bransford


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