10,000 hits and some random thoughts…

So I officially reached 10,000 hits today.  Thank you to everyone who has visited and especially to those who keep coming back.  I know it’s been a little slow around the blog lately but I’ve been trying to get a few writing things done, and with Christmas and everything (my kids are out of school for almost the entire month of January), I haven’t had time to do a lot.  Hopefully one day I’ll have great news about my book being published or something.  Cross your fingers.

As you loyal readers know, I’ve been sending out queries for my novel.  I did very few in December and January but I’m ready to get going again.  Anyway, from a few comments I’ve received back, I made some changes to the manuscript.  Nothing major, but things that I think have made it a lot better.  As I went back through, I realized there were a few things that needed additional clarification or more emotional connections with the characters.  I think it’s strengthened the book.  I hope others will think so too.

On that note, and for anyone who doesn’t already know this, writing is a lot of work.  It’s not just like you can sit down and have a great story and you’re done.  The rough draft may go smoothly, but all the revisions take a lot of time and hours and hours of work.  And it’s not always fun.  Tedious is a word I would definitely use to describe the revision process.  The only consolation is that after it’s all done and you sit back and think “wow, I really like that,” then it’s all worth it.

2 thoughts on “10,000 hits and some random thoughts…

  1. There’s no question that writing is a lot of work, and I agree that the revising process can be tedious at times. But even when it is tedious, I think it is still a lot of fun, too. When you revise and edit your story, you really get to know it intimately. You know it inside and out, line by line, and if you like your story and if it’s a good story, then that can be a very fun experience.


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