“Twilight” Movie Review

I freely admit to loving the “Twilight” books.  I don’t think I’d quite qualify as “obsessed” (I don’t own any “Team Edward” or “Bite Me” t-shirts, and I didn’t go see the movie at midnight), but I’m definitely close.  Anyway, this weekend I went to see the movie and thought I’d give me opinions.

Overall — I liked it.  Bella was perfect.  Edward was good but not out of this world, but how could any Edward be perfect?  My main problem with him was that sometimes there seemed to be too much weird emotion going on.  Now I don’t know if that’s an acting issue or a directing issue.  Don’t interpret this wrong, though.  I enjoyed watching and would definitely watch it again.

I did like how it really stuck to the book.  Some things were left out, some things were added, but the idea was the same.  I didn’t come away thinking:  “That’s not the book I read.”

As I sat there watching it, I did have one thought over and over.  I’d watch a scene that had problems and, as a writer, I’d realize that part of my problem with it was the lines the characters were given.  You can only do so much with the screenplay.  So, then I wondered if part of what I didn’t like with Edward was just a screenplay issue.  I really don’t know enough about movie making to know if it was acting, screenplay, or directing.

My final analysis is regarding the cheese factor.  There definitely was one.  Not that it was unexpected.  Heck, the book is written for teenage girls.  The storyline is about a vampire romance.  It’s going to have its cheesy elements.  My problem wasn’t that kind of cheese.  My problem was that there were some moments so cheesy that I laughed out loud — and I don’t think that was the intention.  And that brings me back to the screenplay thing.  How much of that could have been de-cheesed (is that even a word?).

All of this leads me to consider books made into movies in general.  Having read a lot of books made into movies, I have to admit that sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.  I loved “Lord of the Rings.”  Of course, Peter Jackson had nine hours to do it justice.  I’ve also loved the Harry Potter movies.  I know some people have complained about details left out, and I’ve felt the same about a few myself, but still, the movies portray the overall emotion of the books so well that I can’t complain.  When “The Firm” was made into a movie, I actually liked the ending in the movie better.  Go figure. 

And then there’s “Eragon.”  I liked the book a lot.  I liked the story and characters.  I didn’t like the movie.  And it wasn’t the casting.  I liked the casting (except for Saphira, which might not have been casting, but how the whole talking to the dragon was portrayed).  I especially liked Brom.  Perfect.  BUT…and as you can see, it’s a bit but, the story wasn’t even the same.  If you hadn’t read the book, it might have been all right.  But if you liked the book, you knew it was almost a different plot.  Why take a perfectly good story and change it?

Well, that’s my rant about movies for the day.  Tell me how you felt about the “Twilgiht” movie if you saw it.  I know other people who have hated it and people who have absolutely loved it.

4 thoughts on ““Twilight” Movie Review

  1. This sums up how a lot of Twilighters feel, I think. I found it cheesy in some parts (again, expecting some cheese) but, for me, it wasn’t in the writing. Instead, I found the execution of the vampires’ abilities a little cheesy. The special effects weren’t all that special to me.

    That said, I found it completely wonderful to see the characters come to life! All of my casting worries were smashed. I thought Taylor Lautner wasn’t the best choice for Jacob but, after watching the movie, completely understand the pick. He’s great! And the group of friends are so much fun in the movie. What I really liked is how they cast the friends to look as average as possible in Hollywood (they’re all still beautiful). This really was contrasted by the Cullens’ grand entrance. The contrast between the younger kids and Edward is just another thing that helps us see Bella’s attraction to Edward. He is so different for so many reasons.

    There are a few things I’d have done differently but there are many scenes that exceeded my expectations. For instance, the gentle scene of Bella investigating Edward’s bedroom and the clumsy dance there was so….nice. Of course that did lead to the “spidermonkey” line.

    Lastly, I loved the way they infused humor in the movie. I feel like they allowed even Bella to be a little less intense (where applicable) and a little more teenage (joy over her truck). I also really enjoyed seeing Charlie as an over-protective father with pepper spray and a shotgun.

    Perfect casting, great performances, and the ability to see my literary friends come to life made Twilight a completely enjoyable experience that I will repeat 🙂


  2. I have to agree with shari…I believe it was the screenplay. I am a huge movie buff and I like to read the books before seeing the films…it can always go either way. I feel like there was a true lack of understanding in the depth of the characters in the book…it didn’t translate onscreen for me with Edward/Robert especially. Bella/Kristen was way too intense, she needed to lighten up. The makeup, wow, the makeup…why did they have to make them so much paler, and the lipstick…come on. Kristen was pale enough to pass for being a vampire, they didn’t need to do that to Robert and Peter…Jasper’s character was lost to me as well.
    Maybe I got too into the books and had higher than normal expectations, but after reading everything leading up to it, I was let down. There were so many poignant moments in the book that showed the true PASSION between Edward and Bella and there was nothing that sticks out in my head from the movie where these two characters COULDN’T live without the other. I also found myself laughing out loud when it wasn’t called for…felt embarrassing somehow….there’s more drama in the book than was put onscreen and I think Summit or Catherine…someone, I don’t know…totally missed the mark.
    I heard a young guy say that he had to make himself sit in the theater to finish the movie but that it had the potential to be a great story…someone needed a chance for a ‘do-over’…. I completely agree.


  3. I actually really liked the movie.

    Though I really enjoyed the books, I always had problems with the character of Bella. I found her weak and a bit boring. Through the screenplay and Stewart’s acting, Bella actually became a much more interesting character—someone I wouldn’t mind talking to and who I could actually see Edward taking an interest in.

    The movie wasn’t perfect. There was a high cheese factor (though I’m a fan of cheese) and some of the scenes were painfully awkward (Edward’s speech about being different while hanging from a tree branch comes to mind). Overall, though, I liked it and plan to add it to my ever growing collection of off-beat teen movies.


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