What book haven’t you read?

A few days ago Nathan Bransford did a post asking what book are you embarrassed not to have read.  The answers varied from Shakespeare, to Austen, to Lord of the Rings (which Nathan himself has never read!!!).  I didn’t post a comment over there, but it kind of got me thinking.  I’ve come to the conlcusion that there are lots of things I should have read, or should read in the future, particularly the classics.  I read a ton of them in high school and even more in college, where I minored in English.  Since then, I don’t think I’ve read one.  I heartily admit that now I read entirely for fun and entertainment.  I know, I know, think of all the great literature.  BUT, now I have three kids, a house, homework to help with, dinner, laundry, you know…and I need to read for fun.  It’s one of my only breaks.  So, while those classics will always be out there, let’s face it, I probably won’t read a ton of them.

2 thoughts on “What book haven’t you read?

  1. Hi there

    If you don’t have loads of time to read a classic, you can always try perusing a book about one. I just skimmed through On the Trail of the Real Macbeth by Cameron Taylor and it was more interesting and easier to read than the original. You can check out the authors’ website at http://www.kingmacbeth.com/index.htm

    Happy reading!


  2. For someone that aspires to write YA, I’m embarassed I haven’t read Judy Blume yet.

    Like you, I have a busy household and writing is more important than reading. I usually try to get to new ones first and yes, the “classics” get left by the wayside.


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