For the first time ever…a picture in my post!

My husband and I aren’t exactly the most up-to-date people on technology.  For a long time, we didn’t even have a cell phone.  And we haven’t bought a new computer for almost six years.  Our old one was such a dinosaur it took forever just to switch between applications.  We finally got sick of it and upgraded.

Here’s our old computer (it wasn’t on the kids’ table when we used it, we just set it up there while we transferred all the information).

And here’s the new one!!  (Isn’t it pretty?  And the screen…wow!)  Just don’t look too close at the desk.  It’s the same one I’ve been using since college (8 years ago).  I guess that’s the next purchase.

Now it doesn’t take me nearly as long to get everything done.  Before, it took me like ten minutes just to check my email.  So, maybe I’ll post a little more often (jk).

Oh, and just a point of interest.  That’s my 40% edited manuscript sitting in the black binder.

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