I’m sick of chapter 8!!!

I’ve decided the set-up part of writing a story is one of my weakest.  I see the connections in my head and I know they’re there, but I don’t tend to show them enough that a reader feels connected.  Anyway, I addressed this problem in the first few chapter of my re-write, and I think it was very successful.  Now I’m addressing it again in chapters 7 and 8.  The problem being:  my MC (main character) moves locaitons, meets a whole bunch of new people, and starts falling in love.  In other words, set-up.

I’ve been pouring over both of those chapters for almost a week now, and yesterday I finally finished.  I think they’re better.  In fact, I think they’re good.  I changed a lot of stuff, even how some characters act or react.  I added a whole new scene and changed 70% of what was left.

Was it worth all the work?  YES!  And now I’m ready to move forward to less intimidating sections.  Hopefully, it will go much quicker.  I don’t really have any more huge set-up sections.

2 thoughts on “I’m sick of chapter 8!!!

  1. I understand what you mean by having to write in the connections so that they will make sense to a reader. I tend to think in terms of the large context of events, but then of course I have to write all the details that connect these events.
    For example: Exactly how did the prisoner get the message out of the prison? Or: How can character-A arrive at the island before character-B, given the methods of travel and the time at which they left? That’s kind of thing that trips me up a little. I really have to think it through logically and come up with solutions that will work.


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