Another beta reader’s comments…

I have an update on my beta reader that had to stop.  She decided to take a long break, but she’s still going to beta for me!!!!  I am very excited.  Her and one other of my betas are my favorites.  They actually give me great advice.

In other news regarding betas, while I didn’t know if my first beta was going to be able to finish for me, I found another beta reader willing to fill in for her.  I sent the new beta the first five chapters, all which had been gone over by the two other betas, and then edited in detail by me.  I just got back her comments.  They are just so fabulous (at least I think so), I thought I’d post them.

“Your story is great. I do not read a lot of fantasy stuff, but am broadening my reading horizons. I enjoyed this. I think it will sell when it is done. Who ever beta’d for you before did a good job.

Your MC is believable and I root for him. You have done your job writing him well.

I would read more if you like or need future betas, even if they are rougher drafts after this one.

If you are done and ready to submit, let me know where I can buy it and when for I do want to finish the tale.”

So that just about made my day.  On to more editing…

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