Breaking Dawn, again.

For those of you not at all interested in this topic, sorry.  A couple of days ago I posted my initial impressions of “Breaking Dawn.”  I then went online and found that quite a few people felt the same way I did.  I also saw some discussion about how the second read is much better.  You know how when you read a book the first time you just don’t absorb it all.  Sometimes you miss little nuances that are important the second time through.  Well, I reread it (ok, I’ll admit it, I didn’t reread every word.  I skimmed some spots), and I agree.  I didn’t miss Edward the second time through.  His role in this book was still there, he was still there, he did interact with his family, it’s just not the main plot element so it’s harder to spot.

Conclusion:  Second time through, even better than the first.

One thought on “Breaking Dawn, again.

  1. I keep wanting to reread it but I’m thinking it’s too soon and I should wait a bit. It’s good to hear you liked it even more the second time through though! Your reactions sound a lot like how I felt the first time through, too 🙂


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