Book Review Time: Breaking Dawn

I haven’t seen any other reviews out there yet (I purposely haven’t looked because I want to write my initial impressions first), so here goes.  And if you haven’t read it yet, there is one little spoiler.

I LOVED the book.  I thought Stephenie came up with some great solutions to little problems we’d all been wondering about.  I also thought that even the “Team Jacob” people would probably be satisfied.

I only had one problem, and it wasn’t even a problem so much.  It wasn’t what she wrote, it’s what she didn’t write.  I loved the plot and the way things worked out, but I wanted to see more of Edward.  Specifically, I wanted to see a scene (even one) where Edward was interacting with Renesmee.  I mean, if he’s so passionate about Bella, wouldn’t he be about her also?  And yet, we see almost no immediate interaction, no tender moments.  If he wants marriage so bad, wouldn’t it follow he also wants a family (at least once he realizes Bella isn’t going to die)?  Anyway, just a thought.  I’ll have to go online and see if anyone else feels the same way.

One thought on “Book Review Time: Breaking Dawn

  1. I finished it! I really did like it too and I know what you were saying about Edward, but I am glad it was better the second time. I just wanted it to keep going…that is what I always want (at the end of a good book only of course). I am glad that Edward talked about Jacob not thinking about Renesme in the romantic way yet. Anyway, it was an incredibly creative story and I loved it!



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