I love the first draft!!!

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as writing the first draft of a manuscript.  It’s so fun to get all your ideas finally on paper, to see how they fit together, and to see the characters taking over.

When I was writing my first book, I couldn’t believe how quickly it went.  I think the first, really rough draft, was done in about four months.  Now I’m onto book 2, and it’s going just as well.  In fact, even better.  I learned a lot of things while writing the first book.  I had to go back and fix a lot.  With book 2, I’m trying to avoid those things as I go.  Consequently, the first draft of book 2 is so much cleaner.

And now I come to the real news, and why I wanted to post in the first place.  I’m up to 30,000 words in the second book.  That’s over 100 pages!!!  I can’t believe that scenes I thought of almost a year ago are now in print (at least kind of).  Some of them are even better than I’d hoped, and a lot of them still need more work, but they’re there, waiting to be read.

3 thoughts on “I love the first draft!!!

  1. Yes, the first book has all the elements it needs to have a beginning, middle, and end, but it doesn’t finish the story. The second continues, and there is a third (also already mapped out in my head) that finishes it.

    It’s kind of funny because when I initially got the idea I thought, wow, I have enough to write an entire novel. And then it just grew and the story got bigger and then I was like, wow, I have enough to write a trilogy.


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