I’m so excited!!!

So, I received my entire manuscript back from one of my beta readers.  And…she liked it.  Here is the exact quote:  “Very nice story!  One of the best things I love to see captured in a book — and you did it very well — is a strong sense of justice and injustice.  I absolutely LOVE any book that can get that in effectively, which you did very well. …  Like I said, great story!  With a  re-write, I think this will be something really solid and great.”

I was so excited!!!  Everyone else who’s read it has also liked it (even loved it), but I knew all of them (I mean, what if they were just trying not to hurt my feelings.)  This is a complete stranger, and another writer, and she liked it too.  This gives me hope.  If I can get all the wrinkles ironed out, maybe, just maybe, I’ll one day see it in print.

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