The elusive comment – and other topics…

Hello All (well not really all, but at least the few who I know read this),

First off, I can see how many people actually go and visit this site each day, and yet I still don’t have many comments.  I really do want to know who is reading — even if you don’t know me and want to talk about writing or introduce yourself, or whatever.  I’ve met quite a few people online and it’s fascinating.  You don’t even have to comment on whatever I posted about that day, you can just say hi.  If you read one of my writing examples, tell me what you think.  Any ideas, tell me what you think.

In other news, I mentioned in one of my first posts that I have a few other writers who were willing to read my entire manuscript and tell me what they think, give me suggestions, point out where there may be writing problems, etc.  I heard back from a couple of them over the weekend, and guess what, it’s good news.  They have suggestions, but for the most part they are great suggestions, things that will make the book better.  I’ll keep everyone updated, but hopefully after going through all this rewriting process, I might finally have something an agent would be interested in.

5 thoughts on “The elusive comment – and other topics…

  1. Well you asked for comments and I answered. It is nice to meet you.

    As a fellow writer (aspiring at the very least) I can understand the need to make connections. Feel free to comment on my writing or anything else.

    Also do you have any sample writing on your blog? Thank you and keep writing!


  2. I loved your prologue and first chapter…I’ll be watching for it to be published so I can read the whole thing!


  3. Hey–
    Thanks for commenting on my blog:) I know how it is to get hits but no comments! What’s up with that?
    I read your prologue and first chapter, and I only have one comment. I would have liked more description of the characters in the prologue; I know you’re keeping it tight, but it was a little hard for me to really get into the scene.

    Also, I wanted to say, based on experience, that too many cooks can spoil the pot. I listened to waay too many people while writing my book, and perhaps tried to make it all things to all people. I ended up scrapping most of it. Shame on me! If people all say the same thing, then there might be something.

    So you can totally ignore my comment.


  4. Hi
    Its Brandy Hansen from the ward. Found your blog through Wendy Wells. So your writing a book, thats awesome!! Anyways have a great day and feel free to check out our family blog here,


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