What to do???

Ok, so I have been working with a few volunteer readers (who are also writers) to polish my book.  One of them has done the first two chapters, and I’ve made some great changes.  I decided to post the updated versions (also the versions here) on a writers forum and see what kind of response I got.  I’ve had about ten or eleven people respond — and here’s the strange part.  Some of them absolutely love the writing style, the dialogue, etc., and some of them hate it.  It’s just so strange to see two such contrasting viewpoints.  I know, I know, everyone isn’t going to like it, but I was just a little surprised at how different the opinions were.  Hopefully, I can be happy about those who loved it, and glean something useful out of the comments from those who don’t.  Anyway, if you happen to see a new version of the prologue or chapter 1 appear at any moment, don’t be surprised.

One thought on “What to do???

  1. Yeah…opinions are like cellphones. Everybody’s got one.

    I’m sure you’re not doing this, but I think it’s important not to take anyone’s opinion (no matter who, or what, they are) too seriously. If a writer starts chasing around opinions too much, I think it will soon begin to dilute his/her own voice and style, which, to me, is the most important aspect of great writing.

    So, I think you have a good attitude about it when you say:

    >>>Hopefully, I can be happy about those who loved it, and glean something useful out of the comments from those who don’t.<<<

    The other option is to find a small number of people whose opinions you actually trust. Easier said than done, of course, but I think that’s better than giving everyone’s opinion equal value. (Again, not that you’re necessarily doing that.)


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