Who Is Reading?

I love to see how many hits I’ve gotten in just two days, but I don’t know who has looked.  I would love to hear your comments, even if they don’t at all relate to what I wrote about.

4 thoughts on “Who Is Reading?

  1. Shari;

    It has been fun following your journey to this point. I am excited about the next part of the process and hope that you do find an agent, and then a publisher who loves your work as much as you do.

    Dad Lambert


  2. Hi, found you through Aprilynne. I’m a writer, too. I just wanted to suggest you check out Feedjit (I have a link on my blog) which tracks links of people who visit your site. Very interesting…though big brother-ish :-).

    I am almost done with a manuscript. The “looking for agent” part is on the horizon and I’m a little intimidated. But it’s like anything else…just have to try it.

    Good luck with your work!


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